"I Pray each time I crush the spine of a foe. Respect the dead."

This card seriously one of the best ( if not the best ) 3 stars creature in the game. If you got one early, max it as soon as possible. This card took me to rank 50 in arena with only 3 5 stars in my deck !

Aquiring This CardEdit

You can obtain Manticore through a Maze, Lucky spin, Coin Bag, Gem Bag or a Mortii Booster

Skills Edit

  • Cloudburst 4
    • Deals 100 Magic DMG to 3 random enemy Creatures. Has 45% chance to inflict Paralysis, preventing an attack on their next turn. (4-5 stars creature can learn )
  • Rebirth 5
    • Has a 45% chance to return to your Hand if destroyed. Will return to your deck if hand is full. ( Cant be learn through meld )
  • Bullseye
    • The opponet being attacked may not dodge, use Frost Armor, Tough Hide or Dark Clone. ( Cant be learn through meld )

As we can see all this card's skills are really nice and effective.

Power ChartEdit

+ 24 atk/lvl, + 25 hp/lvl

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
Atk 160 208 232 256 280 328 400 520
HP 575 625 650 675 700 750 825 950

Gallery Edit

Strategies and TacticsEdit

With rebirth, cloudburst and cooldown 2, this card will lockdown enemy again, again and again ( I've met it rebirth 4 times and it not fun at all while it only take 1 turn to come back to the field). Bullseye is a great skill too, if get melded with battleblow it will became a hard hitter which pierce through everything.

Overall this is a great card, even superior to lots of 4 stars. If you don't have enough good 4-5 stars then this probly your best bet !

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