Here is a list of every 4 and 5 star creature in the game, with melding ideas for each.

The most usefull meld(s) is(are) displayed in bold text.

Creature TableEdit

Creature Melds
Hanzo Frost Armor, Life Sap, Unbound, Immunity 9
Geomancer Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Immunity 9, Detonate 6 if you have torment rune
Swordmaster Battleblow 8, Sacrifice 8, Recycle 1, Frost Blade, Venom Edge, Stabthrough, Restoration, Mass Heal, Fatigue 8, Immunity, Stoneskin, Unbound, Bloodlust 7, Life Sap 7
Sentry Angel Immunity, Recycle 1, Fatigue 8, Mass Heal, Unbound, Maji Shield, Stoneskin
Techno Chief Frost Armor, Life Sap, Stabthrough, Venom Edge, Frost Blade, Battleblow 8, Unbound, Stoneskin
Icy Mage Frost Armor, Frost Blade, Immunity 7, Ice Arrow 7
Cleric Sage Advice, Frost Armor, Bless
Juggernaut Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Colossus Frost Armor, Battleblow 8, Life Sap
Royal Knight Frost Armor, Immunity
Royal Dragon Disposal, Frost Armor, Recycle
Arcane Hunter Life Sap, Frost Armor, Immunity
Seraph Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Border Guard Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Arcane Master Plague, Immunity 7
Oracle Frost Armor, Immunity 7 or 9
Griffi-Knight Sage Advice, Frost Armor
Paladin Battleblow, Life Sap, Frost Armor
Royal Dancer Immunity 7, Frost Armor, Frost Blade , Blaze 4
Grand Mage Frost Armor, Bless, Battleblow 8
Dame Coldfire Incinerate, Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Chimera Battleblow, Frost Armor
Michael Bloodrage 8, Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Immunity
Mariner Immunity 7
Prima Donna Immunity 7, Frost Armor
Great Mystic I think my head would explode if I ever saw a melded Mystic...
Titania Immunity, Sacrifice 8, Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Recycle, Revive, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath, Battleblow
Pontiff Revive, Immunity, Recycle, Retaliate, Assassinate, Picking Off, Mass Heal
Ares Battleblow 8, Immunity 7, Stoneskin
Archdeva Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Immunity, Unbound
Fafnir Revive, Sacrifice 8, Recycle, Battleblow 8, Life Sap, Frost Armor, Soul Snatch
Paragon Immunity, Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Unbound
Angel Prime Immunity, Battleblow 8
Mythril Drone Revive, Recycle, Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Bewitcher Frost Armor, Immunity, Stoneskin
Kirtana Incinerate, Immunity, Frost Armor
Cancer Sacrifice 8, Frost Armor
Imperator Life Sap, Frost Armor, Battleblow 8, Immunity
Columbus Immunity
Santa Baus Immunity, Unbound, Revive
Shinryu Immunity, Frost Armor
Azure Dragon Immunity, Frost Armor
Arcane Sage Battleblow 8, Immunity, Frost Armor
Lady Liberty Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Stoneskin
Leo Frost Armor, Life Sap
Sylph Frost Armor, Pyre, Tempest, Mass Heal, Revive, Recycle
Vindicator Frost Armor, Revive
Aquarius Recycle 2
Centaur Chief Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Light Brave Recycle, Instakill, Disposal, Stoneskin, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Horned Beast Recycle, Fatigue, Frost Armor
Naga Mistress Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Henrietta Frost Armor, Bless 10, Immunity 7
Treant Elder Frost Armor, Immunity 7, Picking Off
Arrow Brave Life Sap, Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Moon Walker Frost Armor, Assassinate
Dream Guide Immunity 7, Frost Armor
Satyr Sentry Frost Armor
Master Guide Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Faen Mesmer Life Sap, Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Unbound
Pegasus Lord Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Laurel Frost Armor
Flame Brave Incinerate, Frost Armor, Immunity 7, Stoneskin
Faen Rampager Frost Armor, Immunity, Life Sap, Soul Swap
Pale Dragon Battleblow, Life Sap, Frost Armor
Valkyrie Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Immunity
Horus Frost Armor
Ash Beast Battleblow 8, Frost Blade, Venom Edge, Life Sap
Moon Guardian Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Phoenix Stoneskin, Immunity, Incinerate, Frost Armor
Mimir's Tree Revive, Recycle, Frost Armor
Hanuman Stoneskin, Immunity, Frost Armor, Instakill
Yggdryad Immunity, Frost Armor
Fae Firstborn Detonate 6, [S]Resurrect, Stoneskin, Immunity, Frost Armor
Sea Wizard Immunity 9, Frost Armor
Hippolyta (Highly suggested that you meld Recycle 2 OFF her onto a Horned Beast or Light Brave instead) Stoneskin, Immunity, Frost Armor
Blood Elf Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Immunity
Lucky Sage Stoneskin
Blossoms Incinerate, Tempest, Immunity
Dragonlord Revive, Recycle, Mass Heal
Sagittarius Battleblow 8, Assassinate, Sacrifice
Gaia Immunity, Stoneskin, Battleblow 8
Axe Warden Frost Armor, Life Sap, Immunity, Weakness 10
Alice Frost Armor, Delay 4, Retreat
Libra Life Sap, Battleblow 8, Rip, Bloodlust 7, Frost Armor, Immunity, Frost Blade 10, Soul Snatch, Sacrifice
Arcane Knight Frost Armor, Immunity, Pyre, Toxicity, Delay 4
Santa Claudia Frost Armor, Mass Heal, Bless
Harbinger Recycle, Instakill, Disposal, Stoneskin, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Dullahan Recycle, Disposal, Instakill, Life Sap, Frost Armor, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Queen Temptress Retreat, Cleanse 3, Recycle (Wraith Hunter deck)
Hellwolf Disposal, Stoneskin
Plague Dragon Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Immunity 7
The Puppeteer Immunity 7, Unbound, Curse, Stabthrough, Discord
Eye of Jonara Assassinate, Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Hell Knight Life Sap, Frost Armor
Bloody Lord Frost Armor, Unbound, Immunity 7
Cave Dragon Plague, Battleblow, Frost Armor, Immunity 7, Stoneskin, Unbound
Pit Lord Battleblow, Frost Armor, Immunity 7
Pit Priest Frost Armor
Ghostly Judge Immunity 7
Demonic Templar Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Immunity, Battleblow, Life Sap
Lycanthrope Stoneskin, Frost Armor
Delilah Immunity 7
Thalassa LOL. I once saw a Frost Armor Thalassa and I nearly died Laughing xD
Gorgon Immunity, Frost Armor, Unbound, Instakill
Pit Dragon Sacrifice 8, Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Immunity, Life Sap
Phantom Liege Immunity, Battleblow 8, Sacrifice 8, Frost Armor
Bloodletter Revive, Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Terror Dragon Revive, Recycle, Frost Armor, Life Sap, Battleblow 8
Dahlia Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Immunity
Death Knight Stoneskin, Picking Off, Frost Armor, Immunity, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath, Recycle, Revive
Spirit Siren Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Immunity, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing breath
Undying Will Detonate 6, Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Immunity, Revive, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Magmus Frost Armor
Revenant Revive, Frost Armor
Jormungand Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Killer Queen Frost Armor, Immunity
Dusk Huntress Immunity
Snow Harlot Revive, Recycle, Stoneskin
Lilith Immunity, Frost Armor, Curse
Death's Angel Stoneskin, Immunity, Frost Armor, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Lord Bones Life Sap, Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Immunity
Gemini Immunity, Frost Armor, Recycle, Stoneskin, Revive
Pisces Frost Armor, Tempest, Thor's Rage, Pyre, Fatigue 8
Tauro General Frost Armor
Howling King Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Neander Giant Frost Armor
Panther Chief Frost Armor, Battleblow 8, Immunity
Ursa Major Immunity, Restoration, Life Sap, Battleblow 8
Neamazon Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Mammoth Rider Battleblow 8, Frost Armor
Nean Raptor Battleblow 8, Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Immunity, Life Sap, Delay
The Twins Sacrifice 8, Frost Armor, Recycle, Immunity
Ophiuchus Immunity, Detonate 6
Warband Chief Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Tauros Elder Frost Armor, Life Sap
Icy Huntress Frost Armor, Assassinate, Picking Off
Graboid Sacrifice 8, Stabthrough, Life Sap, Frost Armor, Battleblow, Disposal
Flame Master Frost Armor, Incinerate
Cyclops Battleblow 8, Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Life Sap
Fenrir Frost Armor, Immunity
Kirin Life Sap, Frost Armor
Wolveria Frost Armor, Battleblow 8
Griffin Rider Immunity
Venom Tyrant Immunity, Frost Armor
Anathema Revive, Recycle, Battleblow 8, Sacrifice 8, Frost Armor, Sneak 8, Unbound
Abaddon Revive, Recycle, Frost Armor
Spider Queen Revive, Recycle, Frost Armor
Tidal Siren Stoneskin, Pyre, Immunity, Recycle, Revive, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Nidhogg Revive, Recycle
Sekhmet Frost Armor
Quetzalcoatl Stoneskin, Frost Armor, Fatigue, Recycle, Revive, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Oinari Seals, Instakill, Revive, Recycle, Disposal, [D]Healing Breath
Ridge Hunter Frost Armor, Battleblow
Kumiho Instakill, Recycle, Revive, Frost Armor, [S]Resurrect, [D]Healing Breath
Kitsune Instakill, Recycle, Revive, Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Frost Blade, Rip
Yeti Frost Armor
Night's Slayer Frost Armor, Stoneskin, Immunity
Taurus Sacrifice 8, Immunity, Frost Armor, Battleblow 8, Life Sap
Capricorn Immunity, Gas Cloud, Frost Armor, Life Sap, Sacrifice 8
Easter Bunny Stoneskin, Life Sap, Restoration, Soul Swap
Scorpio Immunity, Frost Blade, Battleblow, Life Sap
Basilisk Immunity
Soul Shrew Sacrifice 8, Recycle 2 or 3, Revive

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