Mindflayer is a 5-star Creature of the Faen faction.

This creature was part of a series of releases bringing a new rash of rare upgradable skills. This happened likely as a result of the many level 7 and 13 omni skill essence sales and the introduction of level 15 omni skill essences into the top 3 rewards for the Momoya event. Mindflayer actually features two skills that can only be upgraded with omni essences.

Acquiring This Card Edit

Mindflayer was added to the Gem Alter briefly during the Sky Arena of 12-20-16.

Shortly afterwards it made its first appearance as a new Relic Chest reward, confirming it as a Tier 2 Creature.

Pictures Edit

Power Chart Edit

Lv 10: 1007 ATK and 1880 HP

Skills Edit

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