Note: This emblem is outdated.

Neanders are one of the 4 factions, and are comprised of beasts, brutes, and vicious warriors. They are "strong" against Humans, and "weak" against Faens. Their "Ravage" ability let's them increase their ATK when attacking a Human creature.

Strengths Edit

Neanders are notorious for having very high ATK. Also, many of them have Earth Totem and Restoration, so it would be wise to meld Frost Armor onto them, in order to make them incredibly tanky. Neanders are also prone to using Poison and Gas Cloud.

Weaknesses Edit

Neanders are very weak against decks that are just as tanky as their own. It is recommended to use an abundance of Frost Armor when going up against them.

Also you may think Faen decks are good against Neander decks, but this is wrong. Miasma is not a skill that every faen creature has, and many faen creatures tend to rely on magic heavily, thus making the Faem creatures vulnerable to Neader Hero's Spiky Bits Ability.

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