"My list always has room for one more bounty."
Nightraider is one of the two 1-star Faen Heroes avaliable to players.

Acquiring NightraiderEdit

Nightraider is awarded for defeating Dungeon 2-1 on Easy difficulty.

Players can also buy Nightraider shards from the Bazaar in a bundle of 5 for 25,000 Gold. Like all 1-star Heroes, Nightraider requires 15 shards to assemble.

Nightraider shards can also be awarded after defeating the Chest levels of the Trials, which are every 5 levels.

Hero SkillEdit

Hunter's Prey: Distributes 500 (400 + 100 per Rank) Direct DMG among all enemy Creatures.

Hunter's Prey is an extremely simple Caster DMG Skill which divides its damage evenly between all enemy Creatures.  This has different applications, and can sometimes help in taking down 1 strong creature on the board or hitting the entire enemy team for a fraction of the total Damage.  Since you cannot control when this Hero Skill activates, there's not much you can do except controlling when and how your Hero and Creatures take damage.  Since this effect is Direct Damage, it is generally unavoidable by most Creatures.

Hero TalentsEdit

Nightraider starting talent is Faen Fury. Like all 1-star Heroes, Nightraider have only one Talent Pool with the following options:

Talent 1 PoolEdit

Faen Fury (1 - 10) ATK Buff

Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Faen Creatures in play after  Round 4.

Talent Effect: Increases your Faen Creatures' ATK by 50-150 (40 + 10 x Rank) for one round.

Faen Shield (1 - 10) HP Buff

Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Faen Creatures in play after  Round 4.

Talent Effect: Increases your Faen Creatures' HP and Max HP by 50-150 (40 + 10 x Rank).

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Nightraider is often considered better than Stormkallar because her Hero Skill is capable of dealing 500 Direct DMG on Level 1, which is pretty decent on the earlier dungeons of Explorer's Gate.

Players can also consider refreshing her talent for Faen Shield or improving her Hero Skill, since Nightraider shards can be found in the Bazaar. However, this is not recommended because Nightraider is still very weak compared to most higher-grade Heroes.

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