Omni Shard 5-star

Omni Shards are a special type of shard that will allow the player to use it as a wildcard for creating another creature.

There are two types of Omni Shards; 4-Star (Silver) and 5-Star (Gold) versions. 4-Star Omni Shards are used as a wildcard when exchanging shards for 4-Star Creatures, whereas 5-Star Omni Shards are used for 5-Star Creatures.

Omni Shard 4-star

Exchange Edit

Upon entering the Shards screen from the main screen of the game, the players can see the total amount of shards they have for a given card. They will also see a magenta colored number, meaning how many Omni Shards the player have for 4-star and 5-star cards.

Let's say that you would want a Horned Beast, and you have explored 28 Shards for that creature. You could then use 2 silver Omni Shards to complete the Horned Beast.

Obtaining Omni Shards Edit

Players can get Omni Shards from Relic Chests.

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