Activation of this Creature's non-Melded skills cannot be negated, and damage sustained from each attack is capped at 50-20% of initial HP.

1 50%
2 49%
3 48%
4 47%
5 46%
6 45%
7 44%
8 43%
9 42%
10 40%
11 38%?
12 36%?
13 ?
14 ?
15 20%

About this Skill Edit

IGG first used the phrasing with this skill on Chiroptera. The word initial is likely a permanent part of the game's vocabulary now, meaning the white number on the card itself. For example, at level 15 Hathor has 2210 initial HP. 50% of that would be 1105, making this an oddly weak version of frost armor by capping damage.

However, unlike Frost Armor, this skill also caps the damage from magic and direct DMG attacks, including Blade Shard.

Creatures with this Skill Edit

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