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Pale Dragon is a 4-star Creature of the Faen faction.

It can be a very good support creature in a faen-oriented deck as the Sprite Link skill increase your other faen's ATK.

Acquiring Pale DragonEdit

Pale Dragon can be found in Mazes, Lucky Spin, Gem Bag, Coupon Bag, and The Gauntlet


Melding Edit

Frost Armor 5 will allow Pale Dragon to survive longer on the battle field. Other suggestions are Battleblow or Life Sap. Checkout the Melding ideas page for more info.

Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 281 301 321 341 361 381 401 421 441 461 481 501 521 541 561 581
HP 1087 1137 1187 1237 1287 1337 1387 1437 1487 1537 1587 1637 1687 1737 1787 1837


Skill Description
Miasma 6 Increases ATK by 90% against Neanders
Reflect 6 Reduces Magic DMG recived by 30% and returns 30% plus 180 Direct DMG back to the attacker.
Sprite Link 6 Increases ATK of your other Faen Creatures by 150.

Strategies and TacticsEdit

If you plan to use Pale Dragon, definitely use it with a Faen/Anti-Neander deck. Unfortunately, Pale Dragon is a very situational creature and doesn't have much cohesiveness in its kit. Its Miasma is great against Neanders, and it's Reflect is strong enough to let it survive Magic Damage. But since most Neanders use Poison, which does not trigger Reflect, this makes Pale Dragon shine only against Neander decks that deal magic damage, which is not often.

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