"Everyone is a sinner and I am the judge."
Pontiff is a 5-Star Human Creature which is generally acquired through Creature Shards awarded from the Guild Map.  Pontiff has an amazing set of Support skills to strengthen his allies, including the very rare Rage Boost and Safeguard abilities.  His Frost Armor also protects him from melee strikes making him very resilient.

Pontiff fits extremely well in any fighter-based Deck of any faction, and does exceedingly well in Human Decks with Sweeping Blows and Healers.  He can lay the foundation for a Long-Game deck by providing increased damage and survivability, proving to be an exceptional addition to Neander Decks as well.

Pontiff becomes outclassed in high-end gameplay unless Melded.  Farming shards through the Guild Map is relatively easy, and with his top-tier Buffs already under his belt, Pontiff makes an excellent carrier of some high-end Creature Skills:

  • Revive - Pontiff is not the best carrier for Revive, but he may be the most accessable and he's a huge improvement over Great Mystic.
  • Tempest - Reduces his overall versatility, but makes him exceptionally good at lockdowns against non-Neander Decks.
  • Recycle - A solid choice against 4-star options.
  • Immunity - Creates an extremely good Tank with universal buffs.

Acquiring PontiffEdit

Pontiff Creature Shards are awarded from the Guild Map Chapter 1.

Like most 5-star Creatures, it takes 50 Shards to create 1 Pontiff.

Pontiff can also be occasionally found in special Booster Packs.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 293 325 357 389 421 453 485 517 549 581 613 645 677 709 741 773
HP 1284 1319 1354 1389 1424 1459 1494 1529 1564 1599 1634 1669 1704 1739 1774 1809

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Requires additional information.