Introduction Edit

Explore Rifts and get rewards from Chests! Watch out for Traps if you do not want your journey to come to a premature end.

Rewards and Penalties Edit

Open Chests to get items and earn points to climb the event ranking to win great rewards. Opening a Trap will end your journey in the Rift.

Auction Edit

Win auctions during your journey to reveal Traps. Players who did not win the auction will have their Gems returned.

Detect Traps Edit

"Detect Trap" allows you to reveal one random Trap but its uses are limited so make sure you use them wisely.

Idle Mode Edit

Should you get disconnected or become inactive inside a Rift, the game will still proceed automatically for you. Simply return to get out of Idle Mode. (The game will not place bids or use "Detect Trap" in Idle Mode.)

Rift Records Edit

Rift records show the progress made and Points earned from each Rift. Collect Vouchers during the event

Rifts Edit

There are three Rifts which a player can enter per day:

Rift Entries Cost Possible Rewards
Rift I 5 Free
  • Level 1 Equipment Material
  • 4-star Creature Shard
  • Spark
  • Rune Essence (adds 5000 xp to a rune)
Rift II 10 240 Gems
  • Level 1 Equipment Material
  • 4-star Creature Shard
  • Spark
  • Rune Essence (adds 10,000 xp to a rune)
  • 5-star Hero Omni Shard
Rift III 15 600 Gems
  • Level 2 Equipment Material
  • 5-star Creature Shard
  • Spark
  • Rune Essence (adds 20,000 xp to a rune)
  • 5-star Creature Omni Shard

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