"Fresh meat. Warm, bloody... delicious."

Puppet is a 4-star creature which is summoned by the Deathmort hero. Because it is summoned, this creature cannot be found or bought elsewhere.

The level of the Puppet depends on the level of Deathmort. If Deathmort levels up, the Puppet will grow stronger too.

When the rage of Deathmort hits 100% he will summon a Puppet. Only one puppet can be summoned at a time.

Skills Edit

  • Acrimony (1-10) - Takes DMG in place of your Hero and increases ATK equal to X% of it. Enhancing this Skill increases its effect.
  • Flesh Restore (1-5) - Restore HP by 50 times the number of Creatures in your Graveyard. This effect can't be negated. Enhancing this Skill increases its effect.
  • Soul SapIncreases ATK by 40 for each card in enemy Graveyard for every action taken in play.

Pictures Edit

Power Chart Edit

Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK 445 475 505 535 565 595 625 655 685 715
HP 1650 1725 1800 1875 1950 2025 2100 2175 2250 2325

Strategies & Tactics Edit

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