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Relic Chest is an event where the player can gather Relic Keys in order to open chests of various rewards.

Rewards will vary from Creature Shards, to creature cards, to Omni Shards.

Rules Edit

  • The first 10 Relic Chests opened each day will contain an Omni Shard.
  • More Relic Chests can be earned for every 600 Gems spent during the event, but these will not contain any Omni Shards.
  • Open Relic Chests for a chance to win a 5-Star Card.
  • Open Relic Chests for a chance to win 4- to 5-Star Creatures or 5-Star Creature Shards.
  • Omni Shards can be used to replace any specific Shards required for an exchange, however, this is restricted to 30% of the shard cost (10 for 4-star or 15 for 5-star--even tier 2 for some reason).

Relic Points Edit

Players can roam the Mazes and open chests there to collect Relic Points. 600 points can be exchanged for a Relic Key which is needed to open Relic Chests. After the Relic Chest event, the Relic Points reset. So make sure you don't keep any unspent points!

Relic Keys Edit

The keys can be found in chests in the Mazes, or exchanged from Relic Points. It costs 1 key to open a Relic Chest. After the event, all unused Relic Keys will be lost. Make sure to use them before you lose them! Keys can also be purchased for gems rather than found, but spending 500 gems--or even 400 for the first 3 at a 20% discount--on a key alone is a worse deal than spending 800 gems to upgrade a gold chest to Ultima status considering the guaranteed 5-star creature every 10 chests, the increased key drop rate, in increased relic point yield, and the chance for Rune Shards.

Data Edit

For now, this data is just a collection. Further investigation is needed to figure out the real values.

Awarded from Chests in the Maze Edit

Chest Type Relic Points gained, min/max. Key amount found
Copper 15 - 22 0x
Silver 32 - 47 1x (10%)
Gold 100 - 150 1x (15%)
Ultima 400 - 550 1x (60%)

Previous Highlight Rewards Edit

During Relic Chest events there is always a highlighted creature shard that will show up in somewhere around 15-40%(depending on your luck) of the chests that are opened. IGG has almost exclusively limited these to the Tier 2 Creature list.

Highlighted Reward List:

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