Retreat puts enemy creature back into their deck

Benefits of Retreat Edit

  1. If placed correctly by the player (or by chance) can help control the board by limiting the number of Creatures the opponent can keep out at the same time.
  2. Simply gets rid of defensive lines and might be a great option to kill the Hero in some circumstances.

Negative Aspects of Retreat Edit

  1. Retreated Creatures with Single-Use skills like Disposal and Seals benefit hugely, making this almost more of a buff than anything else.
  2. Retreated Creatures are full-healed and cleansed.  This means when Retreat has bad placement, it allows the enemy Creatures to do a full run of damage and skills and then return safely to the deck to do another round.
  3. The card that uses the Retreat is open to attacks upon the first round.  It is hard to protect this card from explosive plays. In essence, if cards are saved up and used tactically then retreat can be exploited by the enemy player.

Creatures with Retreat Edit

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