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Revival Skills are a special type of skill that can bring a creature straight back from the graveyard onto the field, without going back into the player's hand or deck.

Visual Representation Edit

Abilities that fall under the category of "Revival Skill" are:

Due to these abilities being even better than Recycle, they are widely considered the best abilities in the game, especially Revive.

Unfortunately, the only creature that has Revive is the Great Mystic, which is available only through boosters, the gem bag, and the gem mines. Due to this issue, most F2P players cannot get her, and are thus put at an extreme disadvantage when up against a P2W player who has one.

However, even though Revive is tough to get a hold of, any F2P player can easily get a hold of a Fae Firstborn or an Oinari, which have [D]Healing Breath and [S]Resurrect respectively. Since they are much easier to get, they both have been dubbed the "poor man's revive" by the community. Although they don't work nearly as well as Revive, they are decent substitutes, especially [S]Resurrect. It is highly recommended that you farm for a Fae Firstborn or Oinari if you do not have a Great Mystic.

It is important to note that creatures who have a Revival skill cannot revive one another. For example, a Great Mystic cannot revive an Oinari, a Fae Firstborn cannot revive a Great Mystic, etc. This is a necessary balance that was added to the game in order to prevent revival creatures from quickly overwhelming the field in a single turn.

Also, creatures that have been revived need to wait a turn before they can actually make an action. For example, if an Oinari brings back a Gorgon, her [S]Disposal will still trigger, but she will be unable to make a basic attack, use Delay 3, or Curse.