Scout is a 1-star Human Creature acquired primarily through Coin Bags. Scout's skill-set has no focus, but he does have access to the Delay ability which would be the only purpose for him in a early game. His overall power and utility is extremely low and he is generally considered fodder for enhancing other creatures.

X-bad It is not recommended that you level this creature up.

Acquiring ScoutEdit

Scout is acquired primarily through the Altar, purchasing Creatures with Gold.

He can also be acquired as rewards for the Maze tiles and is sometimes awarded for Exploration of random Dungeons.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ATK 86 93 100 107 114 121 128 135 142 149 156
HP 300 314 328 342 356 370 384 398 412 426 440

Strategies and TacticsEdit

+7 ATK per level, +14 HP per level.

The weakest of all Human cards. The only use that he has is as fodder for other cards.

Fodder as a meld source for Delay 1, or fodder as a source of leveling up. Either way he is fodder and not useful in a deck.