"Trust in me, trust in my blessing."
Sentry Angel is a 4-star Human Creature found through Exploration and the Guild Maps.  His skill-set and stats focuses on physical Tanking, although he can also double as a Fighter against Mortii with his Consecrate skill. Sentry Angel lacks the raw stats of some of the other tanks and the damage potential of most other Fighters, although he is an overall sturdy card and makes a good addition to an all-Human deck when fighting against Mortii.

Sentry Angel is needed to Remove the Seal for Moon Guardian, and is extremely time consuming to farm due to him being available at only 1 Dungeon and having approximately a 20-30% drop rate.  It will take most players weeks to farm a single Sentry Angel, so some players will find it faster to Apply for Reward in the Guild Maps, especially if you're considering Evolution and Melding Sentry Angel.

C-good It is recommended that you hold onto this card

Acquiring Sentry AngelEdit

Sentry Angel Creature Shards can be found through exploration of Dungeon 7-11.  Like all 4-star Creatures, it takes 30 Shards to complete 1 Sentry Angel.

Sentry Angel is also awarded from the Guild Maps 1, 2, 3 and 4 as a whole card.  If you are in an active guild, it is recommended that you apply for Sentry Angel bounties as this method is much faster than farming through exploration.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 233 257 281 305 329 353 377 401 425 449 473 497 521 545 569 593
HP 780 817 854 891 928 965 1002 1039 1076 1113 1150 1187 1224 1261 1298 1335

Strategies and TacticsEdit

If unmelded, a Sentry Angel isn't really a problem. Magic, Direct Damage and Poisons can all work to bring Sentry Angel down relatively quickly. If he has been melded with Immunity 9, Sentry Angel becomes is virtually invincible except against Bullseye and Chainstrike.  When facing an Immunity 9 Sentry Angel, it may work best to simply put a tank in front of him and handle the rest of the board.

Melding Edit

Sentry Angel makes a good base for a number of melds, and in an active Guild he can be quite easy to acquire.

  • Immunity 7 or Immunity 9 - Create a reliable and nearly indestructible Tank.
  • Fatigue - Sentry Angel will usually last a long time on the board, allowing him to bring enemy's ATK down to zero quite reliably.
  • Stoneskin - Not as good of an option as Immunity, but still creates a great tank able to negate Instakill, Disposal and Retreat.
  • Recycle - Not always safe bet, Sentry Angel can last on the field for a long time but is open to disposal while in your hand with his 6 round wait timer.  Once on the field, he's still susceptible to lock-downs, however he generally will last longer than most other creatures and makes a great upgrade from Thalassa.
  • Bloodrage, Sneak, Pursuit or Battleblow  - Create a powerful melee fighter with multiplicative damage against Mortii.