Deals 250 Direct DMG and inflict 1 stacks of Soul Burn to enemy Creatures directly across and adjacent to it. Creatures inflicted with 3 stacks of Soul Burn are destroyed and removed from play. Effect of Soul Burn lasts for 3 rounds.

Note: The wording on this ability is a little misleading. The way it is written, it sounds like you could have Diablo use Soul Burn on a Creature, then get locked down the following turn, and then play a second Diablo next to him and have them both Soul Burn that Creature (putting it to 3 stacks) and shattering it. This is not the case. If Soul Burn is not recast upon that Creature each turn, the flame will go out and stacks will reset.

A strange thing to also note is that the stacks seem to be cast at the 3 spaces in front of Diablo even when there is no Creature directly across from him.

Deck Heroes - Diablo's Soul Burn

Deck Heroes - Diablo's Soul Burn

This skill can be upgraded.

1 250
2 300
3 350
4 400
5 450
6 500
7 550
8 600
9 650
10 750
11 850
12 950?
13 ?
14 ?
15 ?

Creatures with this Skill Edit