Soul Swap is a spell that deals 30 - 300 (30 x Rank) Magic DMG to an enemy Creature and restores an equal amount of HP to the caster.

Be cautious when using creatures with this ability, because since it does magic damage, it is susceptible to Spiky Bits. Also, since it counts as a spell, Mythril Drone's Spellbinder will prevent this ability from activating, and it will be blocked by Immunity, Ice Coffin, Maji Shield, etc.

With the recent addition of runes, this ability can also be used to weaken the creature it is used on.

Life gained is that of the damage dealt after Maji shield and other tank skills.

Damage that kills a creature will only be counted up to the amount of damage required to bring that creature to 0 HP.

Creatures with Soul Swap Edit

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