Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Neander Creatures in play.

Talent Effect: 3 Creatures reduce Magic DMG received by 5% - 50% (5% X Level) and return 5% - 50% (5% X Level) plus 30 - 300 (30 x Level) Direct DMG back to all enemy Creatures.

Strategy Edit

Spiky Bits is one of the most powerful talents if used correctly, especially against magic heavy decks. Wait until the enemy have plenty cards on the field, with one or more magic user, then drop your Neander creatures and watch when the enemy self-destructs. Spiky bits can be the essential key to beat some of the harder Dungeons, and is also very good when it comes to Guild Maps and PvP. A player should try to rank this skill as quick as possible.

Heroes with Spiky Bits Edit

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