Acquiring Spirit Arbiter Edit

Spirit Arbiter's shards can be bought in the Ore Mall for 750 ore each. This will take you between 2 and 4 months to get the 75,000 ore to buy her depending on which of the 3 mines you use. Note: This counts for any 5* hero obtainable throughout the mine system.

About Spirit Arbiter Edit

Her hero skill, Scourge, (at level 1) deals damage to 1 random enemy creature equal to 500 plus 50% of its max HP (capped at 5000 damage). An enemy creature killed by Scourge has a 45% chance to be removed from play. If no creature is killed, raise your hero's rage by 20.

Spirit Arbiter is one of the four Heroes that can learn Lucidity and Mass Charm.

Definitely a top tier hero. Even at low levels, she can nearly one shot most creatures. At later levels, her skill begins to hit 2 creatures, and finally, at level 10, will hit 3.