Stormkallar is one of the two 1-star Faen Heroes avaliable to players.

Acquiring StormkallarEdit

Stormkallar is provided to the Player upon starting the normal single player game mode in the Explorer's gate.

Players can only obtain Stormkallar shards by defeating the Chest levels of the Trials (which are every 5 levels), or occasionally by raiding other players. Like all 1-star Heroes, Stormkallar requires 15 shards to assemble.

Hero SkillEdit

Summon Elemental: Summons a Lv 1 (+ 1 per Level) Elemental with Reprisal. Only 1 Elemental can be summoned at a time.

Summon Elemental is a relatively powerful 1-star Hero skill that adds additional tanking capabilities for Stormkallar as well as reflective damage back to any creatures striking her directly while the Elemental is out.  Unlike other Summoned Creatures, Elemental has access to only 1 Creature Skill giving this skill much less value in Ranking up through enhancement.  However, also unlike most other Creatures in Deck Heroes, Reprisals Rank actually skills up as he Levels.

Reprisal only activates when the Elemental successfully takes damage in place of your Hero but does not die.  If the Elemental dies from the DMG absorption, then he will not be able to activate this skill.


Elemental StatsEdit

Other than Reprisals scaling strength, Elemental has absolutely pitiful gains in raw stats as he levels - much lower than even the majority of 1-star Creatures.  While this is unfortunate, Elemental is a Faen creature and benefits from all Faen buffs, heals, and more!  Having Elemental as part of a strategic Faen buffing deck is actually quite effective, although there are generally better options in higher star-valued heroes.

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 127 139 151 163 175 187 199 211 223 235 247 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
HP 859 868 877 886 895 904 913 922 931 940 949 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Reprisal:  Takes DMG in place of your Hero and deals 50 - 320 (20 + 30 x Lv) Direct DMG to all enemy Creatures.  Enhancing this skill will increase its effect. 

Hero TalentsEdit

Additional information required.

Talent 1 PoolEdit

Faen Fury (1 - 10) ATK Buff

Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Faen Creatures in play after  Round 4.

Talent Effect: Increases your Faen Creatures' ATK by 50-150 (40 + 10 x Rank) for one round.

Faen Shield (1 - 10) HP Buff

Activates: May be cast up to 3 times if you have more than 1 Faen Creatures in play after  Round 4.

Talent Effect: Increases your Faen Creatures' HP and Max HP by 50-150 (40 + 10 x Rank).

Strategies and TacticsEdit

Additional Information Required.

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