Skill Effect Edit

Shield icon

If enemy Creature survives a basic attack, reduce its HP and Max HP equal to DMG dealt and add it to this Creature. If your current HP exceeds 3000, reduce HP and Max HP by the difference between current and initial HP to deal twice the amount as Direct DMG divided among all enemy Creatures.

Be very careful with this skill as the wording is very specific. It will steal Max HP equal to the damage dealt, even if that damage is reduced by Frost Armor. And when Chiroptera's HP crosses 3000, it will go to initial HP, which the game defines as basic as it can. This will wipe out Shatter Soul buffs as well, Protection or Mortii Aura buffs from heroes, and even any Vitality or Protean Runes you may have on the creature. Unfortunately, this ability does not care if any enemy creatures are still alive or not, it will still reset your creature to initial HP and attempt to deal damage to nothing.

Rune Boost Edit

No Rune available for this Skill

Meld Options Edit

Skill cannot be learned

Creatures with Swordplay Edit

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