"You won't escape me!"

Taskmistress is a 5-star hero of the Mortii faction.

Acquiring Taskmistress Edit

Taskmistress was rewarded as a Sky Arena prize if the player reached ranks 1-3 on January 20 - January 24 2016.


Her hero skill, Dominion, clones up to 2 random enemy creatures with 30% ATK to fight for you and sends up to 1 random enemy Creature back to the player's hand (and reduces it's wait time by 2), If the player's hand is full, the Creatures will be returned to the Deck. The cloned Creatures will disappear after taking their turns.

Talents Edit

  • Mortii Stamina 1
    • Increases your Mortii Creatures' HP and max HP by 300
  • Meteoswarm 1
    • Deals 150 - 300 Magic DMG to all enemy Creatures
  • Cripple 1
    • Reduces ATK of all enemy Creatures by 25.

Pictures Edit