Bazaar The Bazaar is the place were you can spend Gems, Gold or Glory Points to buy Essence, Energy, Shards or Glory Cards.

The Bazaar is refreshing every 6 hours and stock up on more/other things to buy. A refresh can be manually invoked by spending Gems. Note that there possibly are better ways to spend Gems though. The Bazaar is also a shortcut to access all malls (Credits Mall, Token Mall, Guild Mall, Tournament Mall, Ore Mall) in the game.

Content and Prices of the Bazaar Edit

Product Cost in Gold Cost in Gems Cost in Glory Points
Essence II 1000
Essence III 2500
Essence IV 20
Essence V 30
400,000 Gold 200
10x Energy 1500
1-Star Hero Shard 5x 25000
2-Star Hero Shard 5x 500
3-Star Hero Shard 5x 125
1-Star Glory card 25000
2-Star Glory card 50000
3-Star Glory card 100