"Let us pray together."
Titania is a 5-star Human Creature generally obtained in Gem Bags and Human Booster Packs.  Her skillset is that of a Fighter and she is extremely specialized in taking down decks that rely on multiple copies of the same Card.  Her Chainstrike ability not only ignores Frost Armor type abilities, but also will inflict even greater damage on any multiples of that card that are currently on the battlefield.  This also proves extremely useful against decks that rely on Clone cards as well as the Berserker hero. In late-game, Titania can become a tank-killer with the Rune for Chainstrike, providing up to a 100% chance for Chainstrike to bypass Dodge-type abilities as well.

A good Chainstrike rune will make Titania multiple Horned Beast's and Queen Tempress's worst enemy.

Titania is one of only two Human cards with the Rebirth skill, and she is meant to be played strategically against a card she will be able to do maximum damage to with Chainstrike and Ambush in conjuction.  After that first attack, some of her utility is deminished although she still has excellent base stats and will continue to hit hard ignoring Frost Armor.

This card shines brightest when you have a Human Hero that boosts your attack in the round you summoned Titania.

Acquiring TitaniaEdit

Titania can be found in Mazes, Coupon Bags, Gem Bags, Human Booster Packs and as a very rare reward from Lucky Spin and the Gauntlet.

Titania shards can also be obtained in Guild Map 2.  Like all 5-star Creatures, it takes 50 shards to create 1 Titania.


Power ChartEdit

Level 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15
ATK 270 301 332 363 394 425 456 487 518 549 580 611 642 673 704 735
HP 1125 1168 1211 1254 1297 1340 1383 1426 1469 1512 1555 1598 1641 1684 1727 1770

Strategies and TacticsEdit

In GeneralEdit

Titania is great for opponents who have a lot of frost armor, as Ambush 9 and Chainstrike 7 can result in a 1-hit K.O. to a lot of the weaker cards. It's rebirth ability is pretty potent when the creature is level 10, when the cards stats are high. Rebirth 7 is the ultimate coin-toss to how well this card can perform in your deck. 

While this card is great for anti-frost armor, it lacks the tankiness many other 5-star creatures have. Rebirth 7 and a high HP helps its survivability, but Titania is truly made to enter the battle and devistate an enemy line on the first turn. Ambush 9 alongside Chainstrike 7 make it a very special situational card that has to be drawn on the right time to excel against player vs player situations.

There are other stronger choices for when PvP comes into play, but if you're limited on choices, this card will do its job, and possibly twice.

In the GauntletEdit

Gauntlet decks are built off of other players successful decks that the computer chooses based on recent activity.  As players continue to grow their card libraries, there have been more and more Gauntlet decks with 3-6 duplicates in every deck.  Save Titania in the Gauntlet for in case you run into these decks, as she can help destroy an entire field of cards in 1 hit if she's played tactically.

Creature Skills Edit

Skills Descriptions
Ambush 9 Increases ATK by 450 during the first round.
Chainstrike 7 Basic attacks ignore Frost armor and deals 220% ATK to all enemy Creatures of the same name.
Rebirth 7 Has a 66% chance to return to your Hand if destroyed. Will return to your deck if you hand is full.