The Tournament Mall is an in-game store where you can spend Points won in The Tournament. Content will refresh once per 24 hours. A player can refresh the Tournament Mall manually for a cost of 20 Gems.

Unlocking the Tournament Mall Edit

Details needed

Content of the Tournament Mall Edit

The Tournament Mall has a large variety of things that can be bought.

5-Star Hero Shards Edit

Shards cost 4,000 points for 2 shards.

Energy Edit

40x energy can be bought for 400 points.

Evolving Material Edit

This is needed to Evolve 5-star creatures. The material cost 1000 points for 1x material.

  • Emblem
  • Omen

Gems Edit

10 Gems can be bought for 250 points

Glory Points Edit

500 Glory Points can be bought for 250 points.

Coins Edit

In dire need of coins? Spend 300 points and receive 100,000 gold.

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