What is it? Edit

Transmutation is an event where the player can exchange cards and roll a new, possibly 5-star card. Transmutation was a new feature introduced in the 8.0.0 update of Deck Heroes.

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Rules Edit

  • You will only get the stated rewards upon successful transmutation.
  • You'll get a random item if the transmutation fails.
  • In the event of a failed transmutation, your materials will be retained if Protection is active.
  • You'll lose all materials if the transmutation is successful, even if Protection is active.
  • Try using Insight to increase your chances of success!

How to Edit

The player needs to add the specific cards + a wildcard (an extra Creature card, usually specified as either any 4-star or 5-star Creature) in order to get a chance at Transmutation.

For example, in the event held between November 29th - November 30th 2015, the player could Transmute the cards Grand Mage, Naga Mistress, Tauro General, Dullahan, + a wildcard, in order to receive a 5-star Bewitcher card. The transmutation attempt cost 500,000 gold.

Recipe Chart Edit

Transmuted Creature Creature 1 Creature 2 Creature 3 Creature 4 Wildcard
Axe Warden Border Guard Arrow Brave Flame Master Faen Rampager Any 5-Star Creature
Bewitcher Grand Mage Naga Mistress Tauro General Dullahan Any 4-Star Creature
Lord Bones Moon Walker Paladin Eye of Jonara Mammoth Rider Any 4-Star Creature
Easter Bunny Cleric Centaur Chief Light Brave Pit Lord Any 4-Star Creature
Osiris Michael Valkyrie Fenrir Demonic Templar Any 4-Star Creature
Sylph Oracle Pale Dragon Icy Huntress Bloody Lord Any 4-Star Creature
Arcane Knight Icy Mage Flame Brave Flame Master Plague Dragon Any 4-Star Creature
Lady Bloom Cleric Pegasus Lord Flame Master Pit Priest Any 4-Star Creature
Kitsune Royal Dancer Dream Guide Neamazon Delilah Any 4-Star Creature
Kumiho Prima Donna Henrietta Wolveria Queen Temptress Any 4-Star Creature

Insight Edit

A player can add insight levels for Gems to increase the chance of getting the wanted Creature from the Transmutation process. The insight levels are as follows:

  • None - free
  • Low - 99 Gems
  • Medium - 400 Gems
  • High - 950 Gems

Video Edit

New Feature Transmutation !

New Feature Transmutation !