Setup Phase Edit

If the deck has cards remaining and the player's hand isn't full, a card is drawn. Then, Creatures with 0 timer may be played--or are played automatically if not using Manuel Mode.

Hero Skill (Ultimate) Edit

If the hero's Rage is maxed at 100 it will attempt to use its ultimate ability. Certain abilities require one or more Creatures to be targeted and won't activate if conditions are not met. Some examples are:

  • Oceanus - Clone: Requires an enemy Creature in play.
  • Druidess - Storm Ward: Requires a friendly Creature in play.
  • Balrog - Corpse Explosion: Requires an enemy Creature in the graveyard.

Hero Talents (Learned skills) Edit

Provided that their conditions are met, the hero will use abilities such as:

Equipment Activation Edit

If there is any crafted equipment with an ability it will attempt to activate now. Note that some abilities don't work every turn because they only have a percentage-based chance to trigger. Examples of equipment abilities are:

Pre-Turn Edit

A strange phase where damage effects like Hellfire and Invocation (burn) are resolved and other skills are used such as Renewal and Invocation (cleanse).

Any Creature brought into play after the Pre-Turn will not be able to attack or use abilities. Note that while this means they cannot activate abilities like Delay, Battleblow, or Pyre, they WILL continue to use any passive abilities such as Shatter Soul, Fervent, and Rebirth.

The only exception to this rule seems to be Corpse Manipulation clones who get to use all of their actions for the one turn they are alive.

Turn Edit

Creatures go from left to right, using their skills in order (Base, lv5, lv10, lv15) and then using their basic attack, and then taking damage over time from Burns and Poisons.

Obviously, Creatures who are paralyzed will skip their basic attack, and Creatures who are frozen, delayed, or stunned by another ability will skip their entire turn.

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