So, unlike my other really long blog posts, I'm just going to make this one nice and quick. Anyway, I'm renaming my account to Seinfuga2. I've used this latter username very much, so you might see me in the wild sometimes. I was quite absentminded (like I always was) when I created this account, so I put in AnathemaX as the username. I thought 'Anathema' (reference to the creature) was a cool username, so I applied for it. But what I didn't know at the time was that it means that a person/creature is evil in a nutshell. And I obviously don't want to be called 'evil', because I am obviously not evil, and don't want to be referenced that way. My username should be changed in about 2-3 business days, so wait for it. NOTE: Well, actually, the main reason I wanted to change my username despite the whole Anathema disgrace name, was because I wanted to sync the usernames of all the games I played to one or two usernames. :)

Seinfuga2 :)

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