STAR packages or Gem packages?

Well, I suppose the obvious answer would be the STAR packages. But sadly, many people, including me, have been tricked by the Gem packages. I first started spending money on gem packages when the Relic Chests first came out, which was a few months ago. That is not to say that I started when the Relic Chests came out. I played, wayyy before then. 

But anyways, which package seems more feasible? The STAR package or the Gem packages?

At first glance, the Gem packages look really reasonable. I mean, if you shell out $100 bucks for 8,200 gems, it might seem like a good deal. You can get the gems right away, and with 8,200 gems, you can buy whatever you want. It totally sounds like a GREAT deal to a lot of peeps. Now, I'm not sure how many people buy the STAR packages, or the gem packages, but really, the STAR packages are the way to go.

Yes, they don't offer gems instantaneously, like the gem packages, but for just 5 bucks and 30 days, you could get 3,000 gems, assuming you collect your gem reward everyday. Times that amount by 3, and in 3 months time, you could get 9,000 gems, with just spending 15 bucks. Yup. Not even 20 bucks. Really, the amount of gems you get with a hundred bucks is literally 60,000 gems. Plus, you get other benefits like recieving 15 extra energy each time you get a Heaven's Blessing. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not totally sweeping out the idea of purchasing gem packages. They are nice to have when you need a large amount of gems immedietely, something the STAR packages are unable to do, but if you are willing to wait 30 days to get a huge amount of gems, I definitely would go for the STAR packages. I believe the 30 day package is the best deal, but the 7 day one is pretty reasonable too. You can also use the gems you recieve whenever you want. You don't have to wait until the 30 day period is up to use the gems.

    • NOTE** Veteran players might already know this, but if you're new to DH, I suggest taking my advice here. I haven't purchased a STAR package yet, but I already did some math about the packages, and clearly they are the better deal for me IMO. Please feel free to ignore any information on here if you decide to purchase the gem packages anyways, or if you're just plain rich LOL. This advice is not mandatory, it's just a recommendation. Oh, also, just in case, your mailbox can only hold up 50 letters/mail. So be sure to collect your gems everyday. 

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