There were several bugs in the Grandmaster Cup that prevented the activation of certain Hero Skills and Talents. This led to Deck Heroes giving away several gifts as compensation. If you were a participant of the Grandmaster Cup, you should know what I'm talking about. 

The first gift that they distributed to participants was a 5 STAR HERO: HYDRA. That's right, a HYDRA to everyone who participated. Since there was no level requirement, I saw some low leveled players acquire this hard-to-obtain hero. The lowest leveled player I've seen so far with a HYDRA, was a LEVEL 23 player. LEVEL 23! When I was level 23, I was battling with a Nightraider, Flame Brave and 9 more 3 star creatures. Don't you think this makes them a LITTLE TOO OP?

Of course, if you are a high leveled player, this may not be of any concern to you. I didn't get my first 4 star creature until I was Level 44, and that was after extensive collecting. Even at higher levels, collecting 5 star heroes takes time and effort. If you work hard enough, you should be able to collect 2 shards every 3-4 days.  I'm sure that all of you when you were in your lower levels had a 1 or 2 star hero (or maybe a 3 star if you were hardworking/lucky). And here are these noobs (if not in skill, then in time played) that get a shiny new 5 star hero.

Today, (5/4/2016) I obtained another gift regarding to the Grand Master cup. It was a 5 star Mortii Meld. Yes, a meld replacement for players who can't even MELD YET.

I do appreciate that DH distributes gifts for incidents that happen over there, but I'm thinking by NOW they would have an accessible database that tracks all users.  I personally believe that lower leveled players should get less exclusive prizes, and the higher up, the better. At this rate, I wouldn't be surprised if they distribute some rare 5 star creature to all partipants like a Great Mystic or a Hippolyta (yes, it's very unlikely, but at this rate, I'm not so sure anymore.).

I also believe that there should be a level limit (like those set for Maze, Valhalla, and Grimoire). Because seriously, at this rate, low leveled players will obtain things that even some high leveled players haven't even obtained yet. The system is really disorientated right now.

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