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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    For New People :

    Trying Evolving and Melding in the first spot is very difficult. Look, I'm a advanced player, but that doesn't make melding any easier than beginners. In most RPG or other deck-type games, the skill swap just costs currency. However, Deck Heroes requires a dupicate of the melding card. That's why melding rare cards like Taurus, Octavius and Belphegor are such aurdous tasks.

    To a beginner, wasting all your gold for nothing is a pretty big nightmare.

    From now, I will guide you how to meld usefully, based on personal experience and some tips from my friends.


    First off, you need to evolve a creature. It takes 360K for a 3 star, 640K for a 4 star, and 1M for a 5 star. And you will need "Materials". They are acquired from the C…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Source :

    • bb8 - Alert Guard
    • im9 - Spider Queen
    • revive - Great Mystic
    • recycle - Hippoylta, Thalassa
    • sac8 - Venom Tyrant
    • fb10 - Sea Wizard
    • rip - Mammoth Rider
    • dodge - Light Brave
    • disposal - Hanuman, Balthazar, Death's Angel, Gorgon
    • instakill - Cyclops, Hellwolf
    • retreat - Archdeva



    • High-Tier : Graboid, The Twins, Chiroptera, Swordmaster, Anathema, Pit Dragon (I prefer bb8 over sac8 cuz I don't like sac8 on something that rebirthes)
    • Mid-Tier : Ash Beast, Sea Wizard, Fafnir (Mid-high Tier), Granite Dragon, Centaur Chief (fa is more usefull on him), Plague Dragon (Makes a faen killer)
    • Low-Tier : Snow Harlot (She can't even attack in the first place), Dragonlord, Ursa Major, Panther Cheif, Venom Tyrant (lol)


    • High-Tier : D…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Warning : Long text

    Before I start : I want to point out an incredibly simple fact that DH is a Freemium Game. A freemium Game is a game where the player is free to play, but can pay to get better. Freemium Games are a mixture of pure free games; Games that are free to play and to develop; and Premium Games; Games that require money to buy, but free to develop.

    Since DH is a freemium Game, it has all the pros and cons Freemium Games games has, one of them is the difference between Free to play (F2P) Users; Who don't use money in the game; and Pay to win (P2W) users.

    Now IGG is a company that earns money when players put in their wallets for gems. In short; They develop the game to earn money. That's why Freemium Games can exist.

    Of Course ther…

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Here's a replay of the final Grandmaster Cup (Chinese version)

    As you can see the winning player used Taskmistress and Druidess. Now What I was amazed about was Taskmistress's level 10 skill (And how, even a P2W whale can get her to level 10).

    It cloned five creatures and sent the same amount of creatures back into the enemy deck. The player was instantly granted immense Board Control and won the fight.

    And druidess starts warding 3 creatures at level 5 or so... She was damm strong too.

    What I am trying to say is that the non-farmable 5* s are extremely powerfull when leveled up (Even Hydra, for that matter)

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  • Antares.I.G.Harrison

    Now, there are a few of those phukcing hard dungeons that you may be stuck on for a looooong time. This is Part 1.

    Hopefully this guid helps you

    NOTE : Includes Runes


    6-2 Hard

    ok, This level is not that bad without the goal. But with the goal? As you all know, the hero is a 1-star necrolorde with only 4700 HP. So as soon as you gain Board control, you will hit the hero, and win, but not win the goal.

    The key here is two things : High level Hero Vigor Runes, and Sweeping Blow

    Recommended Hero : Wight

    Recommended Creatures : Cyclops (Sweeping + Instakill), Ash Beast, Graboid, Swordmaster, Border Ranger, or Anything with Sweeping Blow

    At the first, just send out a single Spider Queen, when she is in the red, go launch a Ash Beast…

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