I was feeling Extra-Imaginative at the moment

This is NOT a real-game senario.

I just imagined the start of the DH world.

My imaginations are TERRIBLE, please take mercy on me if this is horrid. Also some of the Splling may be incorrect :-(


In the beginning, there was the One. There was nothing we could see of as a world, only a few stars flickered in the darkness of Time and Space. The only colors were Black and White. Nothing Else. The One found the nature of the current World quite dull and Boring, So the One Himself Became a world. It was lighted by the sun and the moon. The One fashioned the Oceans, Mountains, Plateus, and the Underworld. He lived as a Planet until he split into Four. Each part of eternity sapped into the Oceans, Mountains, Plateus, and the Underworld. Each part became a sentient, self-derived Being. From the Deepest of the Sea Trenches, Arose Oceanus. From the Hottest Desert, Arose Hydra. From the Highest of Mountains, Arose Odin. From the Darkest of the Underworld, Arose Armageddon.

From them derived the four factions of Nature : Faen, Neander, Human, and Mortii.

Each one had it's traits, Weakness, and Strenghts. They spread, until the world was represented by four lands : Ocean, Desert, Mountain, and Underworld. The four so called Leaders of the Factions, splitted from the One himself, were Super-being that didn't control or fight for or with the World, of other Factions.

The Second Generation of these Factions were other, godly beings forged from the Faction Leader. (As obvious, the other 5 star heroes. I will be using brackets for notes). It was then when the Wars started. There were several Betrayels, Alliances, and Bloody Wars. The Mortii Grew just because of every Creature slain in Battle.

When the Third Generation and Fourth Generation (4 star heroes and 3 star heroes respectively) The cunning Mortii had gained Strenght Beyond Comparision, only due to the war. Armageddon and Wight managed to travel directly to the core of the planet, where the Presence of the One still Remained, and spread it in Darkness.

But it would take eons for it to see it's affect.

After the world was populated (With the 2 and 1 Star Heroes & Creatures) and pleasant, just as the population was celebrating it's Continued History, the Darkness from the Core Sprang to life, Poisoning the Planet completly.

The Factions were forced to grap hands, and defend this world from Darkness. From the Distorted, Wasted World in darkness (Note : Map 15 name is Distortion World) to the outer Regions of the world, The creatures and godly beings (Heroes) alike, Defended the World from Darkness.

The world was in need for a Hero.

To end the Faction war, Banish the Darkness and to Revel the Light (This is also Archdeva's quote), and bring Ultimate Wellfaring and Peace to this world.

To be Continued.....

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