My luck rank? about -999.999999999999 out of (-1000/+1000)

Man, I hate luck-based games so much.

I did raids today, and I won all battles but one. I went in and saw the battle log, I lost because horned beast didn't trigger Immunity 3 times in a row and didn't dodge.

100 - 70 = 30

100 - 50 = 50

30% x 30% x 30% x 50% = 1.35%

IGG are you fucking serious?? 1.35%??

On the other hand, the enemies horned beast triggered Immunity (only) 10 times in a row.

70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% x 70% = 9.59295960 %


And I did the ticker booster about 100 times. What 4-5stars did I get??

A titania - no complaints here

A fucking Cleric A damm Howling King

Bunch of useless 3 stars

No Faen Marksmens or Blood Warlocks.

Luck is a fickle thing

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