Okay, Here's a quick guide on how to beat Neander Chamber 4 for full rewards. (All 3 Conditions) For new people that don't have a lot of melded or powerfull cards.

Line Up

Wight (Aura Cripple Undying)

Balthazar (Anti-Panther Chief) Phantom Liege (Seals) Phantom Liege (Seals) Pit Dragon (Anti-Ursa Major) Thalassa (Recycle) Mythril Drone (Anti-Ravage) Swordmaster (Anti-Ravage) Royal Dancer (Damage Dealer) Oracle (Healing and Sage Advice)

All 5-stars are farmable from the Mines and are the 5-stars that drop from the Coupon Bag. Dancer can be found in the Token Mall.

Let Balthazar dispose of Phanther Chief. Let the balthazar die and the boar be spawned. Then drop your deck. Remember, Place Pit dragon in front of Ursa Major to negate Frost Armor, and second, spawn the phantom lieges one at a time to benefit from Seals two times (execpt boar, none of the enemies have Immunity&Unbound).

After that Sweeping Blow, Pursuit, Death Curse, and Cripple should have deciminated the enemy team.

After that you've pretty much won. Congrats!

All 3 conditions

1. Win the battle 2. Win by killing all creatures 3. Win with at least 5 humans in your deck

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