So, Slapping an Spider Queen Immunity on a creature.

Incredibly common experience.

But the question : Is that alwasy 90%?

Let's have a Electro (who has bolt4, 100 damage) against a creature, say Hello World of the Human Faction. Hello world has 0 atk but dodge 15 , 1000 HP and immunity X.

X = 100

Electro can never ever hit Hellow World with his Bolt. Nuh-uh.

X = 90

Now this is Spider Queen Immunity.

The first time Bolt triggers, 90%. There's only a 10% chance of Hello world getting hit, and 5% of Paralyze.

However, let's imagine if that bolt hit twice in a row.

Now it has a 90% x 90% = 81% of triggering Immunity Both times. Now, chances are you will have a 19% of getting hit and a 9.5% chance or getting paralyzed.

What if Bolt hit three times in a row?

81% x 90% = 73% of triggering Immunity three times. Now the chance of hit is rising, it is now 27% (13.5% Paralyzation.)

Four times??

73% x 90% = 66% of triggering Immunity Four times... 34% Evasion and 17% Paralyzation

Now, let's stop here for a bit.

Let's assume A flame brave was hitting a Spider Queen. According to what we discussed, Flame brave having 3 magic skills, the chance of spider queen Proc. Immunity to all 3 is 72.9%, NOT 90%

90% 81% 73% 66% 60% 53% 48% 43% ... ...

By the time Flame brave attacks Spider queen a third time (9 magic skills), Spider queen blocking all 9 magic is NOT 90, it's a mere 39%.

What about Fafnir, Mimir's Tree, Mythril, etc?

80% 64% 51% 41% ... ...

Get it?

Horned Beast??

70% 49% 34% ... ...


60% 36% 22% ... ...


50% 25% 13% 6% ... ...

Don't trust your Immunity that much

Even with spider queen Immunity, the chances of it Proc. 10 times in a row is... miserable.

With horned beast, I doubt she will ever withstand 10 magic in a row.



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