Okay, when I started DH, those two were SO ANNOYING.

Troll guard would just flame up every card that hit him, and since I was a newb, the only cards I had at that time that could negate Flaming was Mythril and Horned Beast. And when the immunity didin't trigger (remember, execpt for Immunity 10, all immunity have percentage based loopholes) I start to rage.

And Troll Mage is even far more annoying.

He doesn't flame up the card that hit him, but he just flames up the entire team when he dies. It's just annoying.

It's like, look. I just won against the enemy. And this card is like teasing me for Winning by flaming up all my cards. It's soo annoying. And As I said before, when the Immunity doesn't trigger, MORE RAGE.

And sorry for the Launguage Chainsaw, I just thought of some unhappy-er memories of my past and just typed it all in Capital without thinking. Won't happen Again.

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