So... By now you have probably noticed my lack of contribution the past months. I have not made a single active thing since May 22 this year, and even then I only answered on the message wall.

I have decided to activly at least try to pass the torch to someone more willing to administer this board. I work a lot and I have no time to even play the game anymore, let alone administer this wikia board.

I feel that the community should grow without me being in the way. I have had a great time around here. I have learned a lot and I've met some really funny people.

My question now is, who is willing to take over the role as admin? If nobody wants to I can still remain admin, but I will only interact if I have the spare time to do so, and/or if there is some situation going on where my attention might be needed. I will still check the wall  on occation, and I do get notifications etc if there are any posts to the message wall. I just don't have the time to activly contribute, create new pages, fight spam on a daily basis etc.

Hopefully I can be more active some day again, but I don't see that happening in a forseeable future.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

Thank you all for the support and enjoyment you've given me this far!

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