For a long time we've had problem with excessive spam and vandalism. From this day forward I hope that we together can get a bit of better control since I was promoted to admin/bureaucrat about 35 minutes ago.

I would like to thank all people that have supported the decision. It really shows that we can work as a team to further develop and update this wikia.

My first action as an admin have been to lock the Referral Codes page since it has been under most vandalism and spam of all pages I think. For the time being I have locked it so that only admins can edit the page, but in time I will loosen it slightly so that registered users might edit the page as well.

Don't hesitate to send questions or suggestions my way. This is an entirely new task for me, and it can take a while to learn all about it, and I am counting on the entire user base that we do as good as possible together.

Thank you all again!

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