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  • VenomTyrant

    Woohoo, a new Ore Mall hero!

    It's always nice to see a new hero get added to the Ore Mall, because normally they turn out to be pretty good (both Alchemist and Spirit Arbiter are top tier, so I like that Vile Songstress is continuing that trend).

    A guy named Andy uploaded a gameplay of him using her earlier onto the forums, and from what I can tell, Vile Songstress is basically an upgraded Wight. She doesn't kill the creature as fast (at level 1. Presumably, she'll kill the creature a lot faster at higher levels), but while the creatures are dying, they can't do anything. I'm not sure if that's a bug, though, because according to her skill description the creatures should only be disabled after they reach less than 20% of their Max HP. But i…

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  • VenomTyrant

    So, if you've been watching the Grandmaster Cup replays (or if you've been reading the forums), then you should know how buggy the battles have been. For those who aren't aware, the battles in the GMC were so buggy that creatures were sometimes skipping their turns or just straight up killing themselves. Obviously, this angered those who were effected by it. IGG, in response to all of the frustration, gave everyone compensation.

    Normally, IGG's compensation comes in the form of 500 Glory and a Coupon or two; however, a lot of people (myself included) were pretty shocked to log in today and see a full blown Hydra just sitting in their mailbox. I looked on the forum, and sure enough, I saw that my fellow staff member, Lucifer, had made an ann…

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  • VenomTyrant

    Another Promotion!

    April 25, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    Got promoted from just a little scrub Moderator to a Forum Engineer over at the DH Forum !

    Once again, drinks are on me tonight.

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  • VenomTyrant

    Deck Heroes has a really huge flaw that has been troubling myself and a large portion of the F2P community for a while now. And that problem is that time doesn't necassarily equal money in this game. 

    Let's take Hearthstone for example. In Hearthstone, if you want a card, you spend money to open booster packs, and eventually you'll get whatever card it is that you wanted. But if you don't have money (or aren't willing to spend money on micro transactions, which is perfectly acceptable), then you could just build up in game gold to buy boosters. If the boosters that you opened didn't have anything good in them, then you could turn the unwanted cards into dust. Once converted, that dust could then be used to craft the card that you want. So, …

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  • VenomTyrant


    March 21, 2016 by VenomTyrant

    Finally, I was offered a moderator spot on the forum !

    Not much will change, but having more power is always nice, especially since I'm on there 24/7. 

    Drinks are on me tonight :)

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