So, after going about a month without getting a single five star, IGG decided to stop being an asshole.

First, about a four days ago, I drew a Phantom Liege. I fell asleep, woke up, drew another one. So I was like "YO!" Because the chance of drawing two in a row is pretty low. That night, I got a Titania from the maze (maze 9). Which was cool, I didn't have much use for her so I just threw her in my Human defense deck. Then, the next night, I drew a Terror Dragon. THEN, the next night, I drew a Pit Dragon.

So, having the feeling that my luck is pretty high, I go and buy two human boosters.. which is when my luck ubruptly ended XD

I got a Royal Knight, a fucking Cleric (the worst four star in the game, no debate), and 2 Swordmasters. I kind of wanted a mystic but I didn't expect IGG to be THAT nice to me >.>

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