So, I managed to cut the amount of time it's gonna take to get Captivator in half. I went from rank 6k in Tournament to rank 3k, so now I'm getting shards for her every two days, instead of every 4. Still gonna have to wait almost 3 months, but she is worth the wait. That three months could be shortened, since I'm bound to get a few shards for her from the Gauntlet (even though IGG only likes to give me Blademaster and Warlock shards >.>). Getting 4 or 5 shards will shorten the journey by 4 days, which is pretty significant at this point. Hopefully by the time I get her, I'll have the rest of my Future Deck ready to go, so I can immediately start whooping ass with her. I don't know what 5 star hero I will go for after her, probably Judgment. We'll see.

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