I swear man, I find the most cancerous people in world chat. I'll go into wc to try and discuss the game (like you'd think someone on DH would want to do....) but the kids in there will literally be clueless on what I'm talking about. Like, half of the people who own this game don't even play it. They'd much rather go into wc and socialize, which is just mind blowing. There are websites meant for this! I hate fucking 12 year olds who think DH wc is Facebook or something, like wtf are you on this game for? It's always girls too. Some chick who's username has "kitty" or "queen" in it will be in wc and when you are discussing the game with a person who actually wants to get better at DH, she'll be like "you two actually play this game?" Like YES BITCH. Why did you download the game if you didn't even have the intention to play it? Granted, they probably did download it to play it, but got bored of it, and found wc more entertaining I guess. Which is still stupid as hell, because if you think wc is a good place to socialize than you really need to go murder yourself. And don't even get me started on the trolls holy hell.. You have kids who always type in all caps,  who ask really annoying questions, etc..

Then you have those people who're high levels and have some crazy melds and they go into wc and just spam it with their melded 5 stars. Like I understand you think you're cool as hell for having an fa7 Anathema, congratulations, I have one too, but you don't see me bragging about it. It breaks my heart when a level 40 posts their melded 3 star and they feel really awesome and then some asshole just comes along and is like "Oh, nice card. Look at my Immunity 9 Great Mystic." Like seriously dude?

Annnnnnd that's why world chat is cancer and I hardly ever go into it.

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