I absolutely hate things that revolve around luck. Unfortunately, that's what a large portion of Deck Heroes is. I'm specifically refering to Hippolyta. I've seen kids who are level 48 and have gotten her, and I've seen kids who are in their 70's and still don't have her. I, myself, am level 68, and haven't gotten her yet. Unfortunately, that makes it very hard to compete against kids who do have her. Boosters is another problem, I know a guy who is level 85, and doesn't have a Mystic. But I ran into a person in the Gauntlet who had 2, one of which was melded. I like when things have a very specific and guarenteed way of getting them. For example, the secret dungeons. They make everything pain free by saying "Beat me on hard, and you get this creature." So simple, no hassle. But you know, if you want one of the best cards in the game, you just have to get lucky. Like what the fuck IGG...

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