I guess the title is a bit misleading, since I mean "more obtainable".

In any case, IGG basically says that you can only easily get 4 5 star heroes, while the rest you either have to inhumanely grind for, or pay for. While I'm not necassarily complaining that Captivator, Judgement, Warlock, and Overlord are available in the Tournament mall, it is still annoying that we can't just choose whichever hero we want to go for. Instead, we need to choose from the ones that IGG has chosen for us. What if I wanted Armageddon instead of Overlord? What if I wanted Oceanus instead of Judgement?

I undertsand having a new 5 star hero be rare for a month or two, but after it has been out for a while, I think that it should become available in the mall. For example, Armaggedon has been in this game forever, but he is still hard to get. That is a bit screwed up in my opinion, especially for a collector like myself, who wants to get every hero, every card, every rune, etc.

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