More IGG fuckery, or are they finally going to get something right?

So, in the new 7.5.0 update for DH that will be released in about a week or so, IGG is going to add in two more permanent features to the game. The first one, Grimoire, sounds really interesting. It says that you "battle powerful bosses" (which is a really vague thing to say) and that in doing so, you will obtain creatures and rune shards, and "become a more formidable force".  This raises some questions though: what kinds of creatures can you get? how hard is it to actually obtain them? how does this all work? Obviously, there will be some neat 5 star rewards in store; however, will they just be basic 5 stars, or will you be able to get some really cool ones, like Oinari, or Paragon? I hope it's the latter, because if I want basic 5 stars, I'll just draw coupons. Now, if you look at the picture that IGG provided along with the post, it shows that you're actually able to choose which difficulty you want to play on (which goes all the way up to 8 stars). I'm assuming that the rate at which you will actually be able to obtian 5 stars is based upon which difficulty you play on. This is, of course, assuming that you can actually get 5 stars from this. Lastly, I'm wondering how it will work. In the picture, it says something about a Prophecy, which refreshes every day. So are you only allowed to do it once per day or... what? I guess we'll have to wait and see.

The second thing that they will be adding is called the Mine, which is a little less confusing than the Grimoire. It says that you can enter the Mine through 1 of 3 gates, and use energy or gems to get ore (gold, silver, or iron), and you would then be able to exchange the ore for stuff in the Mine Mall. However, it says "are you brave enough?", which implies that you will have to battle to get these ores. I'm assuming the difficulties of the battles will be based upon which gate you choose. I'm wondering what kind of things you can get from the Mall, really hoping some 5 star hero shards ;)

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