Dude, I hate pay to win players so much.

One of the main reasons why I play Deck Heroes is because I enjoy the grind, you know? I love doing mazes everyday and trying to get higher in trials and dungeons, but when you just throw your whole bank account into the game, the actual grinding experience goes away. It takes the fun out of the game in my opinion. I can't really see what's fun about just paying some money and instantly being better than everyone else. It's kind of like being born rich. You don't get to experience the journey at all, and to me the journey is the best part. I ran into a kid in gaunlet who was level 58, and he had a maxed out Thor, with an Immunity 9 Great Mystic, another Great Mystic, two Mythril Drones, a Fafnir, and a fucking Dahlia. And I was just like "Dude are you serious?" I don't know man, it's crazy how people enjoy playing like that.

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