So, as most of you know, Sky Arena is ending tonight, and once again I'm finishing in the top 1000. Now, I'm not really dissappointed in the winnings I'll be receiving, it's just that I'm angry that I can't possibly get anything better without paying money. Hell, even to place in the top 1000 I've needed to basically stay up for three days straight doing the arena every chance I get. I attempted to do the gem bag 4 times to see if on my fifth draw I could get one of the new 4 or 5 star creatures they added. What did I get? A Cleric. A fucking Cleric. I'd honestly rather get a Pit Priest, or a damn Howling King.

So I had to grind Sky Arena for three days, doing Heroic battles with a low power deck (Royal Guard, two Balthazars, a Thalassa, an Immunity 9 Sentry Angel, and a Frost Armor 3 Pit lord) just so I could get some gems and a pathetic amount of glory points (To be COMPLETELY honest, the only reason I did this was to get the Demonic Templar). I would have loved to have gotten some of the better prizes the people at ranks 500+ got, but unfortunately, I don't have the amount of gems they have, so I can't buy extra attempts. And I also don't have any of those OP new cards that give you insane fame bonuses. Ugh the struggle of a semi f2p player is real.

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