I've been thinking for a few hours about just how strong Spirit Arbiter really is, and how far I should take her in the rest of my DH carrer.

This topic was brought to my mind earlier today when I faced one in Tournament. Now, as I watched the battle (which I was watching mainly just to see and hear what her hero animation), her rage triggered, and casually hit my Pit Dragon for an astonishing 2.4k damage, even though she was only level 3. I've known even before she came out that she was going to be a god-tier hero, but I never could have forseen that she'd be as good as she is at the moment. The funny thing is, before she came out, I was one of the few people on the forums to actually think that she was going to be an incredibly powerful hero. Most of the other members dismissed my claims and said that she was probably way worse in action than she was on paper.

Now, I won that battle, by a lot, actually. I won so badly that the poor guy never had more than 2 creatures on the field at once after round 12 or so. However, she (the Arbiter) triggered her rage twice that game, the first time one-shotting my Royal Dragon (and thankfully not removing it from play), and the second time leaving my Pit Dragon with ~200 HP, even though it had ~2600 before her rage triggered. I'm certain that if the guy's deck wasn't sub par that I would have lost horribly.

I'm trying to decide how far I'm willing to take Arbiter once I get her (only 40 more shards to go..). Level 7+ is obviously ideal, but I'm not sure if I have enough patience to go past level 5, since I am free to play and all. Also, a new, even more powerful hero might be added to the Mines.

I guess the wisest decsion will be to obtain her, then save my ore.

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