"I'm coming for you baby!"

I gave in to my favoritism. I started collecting shards for Captivator XD. Currently, I only earn 40 credits every hour, so that's 960 credits per day. I already have 4 shards for her, so after some quick math, the longest it'll take me to actually get her is another 192 days. Fortunately, I'll be higher in tournament soon, so it will greatly speed up the process. In order to earn 2 shards every 3 days, I will need to be earning 55 credits per hour. You earn 55 per hour at around rank 5000. People at that rank are around level 71. I am 6 levels from level 71. After some mental math, I should be at level 71 in another 23 days. In another 3 days I will earn 2 more shards, so will have 6... In the 20 days after that, I will earn another 10 shards, so I'll have 16. Then I will begin earning 2 every 3 days, instead of every 4. So, a few minutes of more mental math later and I have concluded that it will take me another 149 days to get her. But that's just an estimate. It'll probably be a little less since I will most likely get shards for her through gauntlet and trials. So a decent final estimate is 130 days. 4 months.. It's worth the wait I guess.

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